What Should You Do To Look Younger?

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Aging changes begin from the soul! Be young! Feel young!

You’ve noticed that men’s attention is on the wane or your friend started calling you a dino! The reasons are unimportant! The most important thing is what you should do to look younger… well for about 10 years!

Meryl Streep

Your image! Open a fashion magazine and go though the page trying to understand what style you want now. Then go shopping and get a pair of trendy shoes, a bag, a summer suit, sunglasses. Don’t choose teens’ clothes as they will say for you: “I try to look younger than my age!” Take stylish things!

Put on a push up bra! Pregnancy and childbirth are natural processes that leave the marks on your body. And let your husband swear that you have a gorgeous-breasts-shape; push up is not out of place. Be comforted by the thought that plastic surgery costs much more than a bra for now. Who knows, may be in some year you’ll decide to insert the beast implants.

Jane Fonda

Steer clear of grey hair! Probably you might think that grey hair is a fashion trend, and of course it can be if you’re 18 and it’s done by the stylist. Dye your natural grey hair. Get into the experiment.

Slenderness! Yes. Weight is the most vivid marker of the age. Have you ever noticed that young teens look elder if they are overweight? For some of you “slenderness” will mean a complete giving up eating sour creams and buns, but for others – really harsh measures are supposed to be taken. Aging is accompanied by the metabolism changes.

Your ordinary calories intake overrates the organism needs. You should restrain your appetite. Don’t even try to substitute the calories by coffee and cigarettes as they make a “great” contribution to the unwanted pounds gaining just like stresses and lack of rest.

Hairdo! Don’t neglect your hair style. It can significantly help to make you look younger. Curls and long hair can hide some aging facts. The volume of the hair does lengthens or shortens the face visually. The more precise advice you can get from the stylist.

Face skin color and pigmental spots! About 20 years ago you were probably proud of your skin but everything changes with time. Sun rays burn your skin instead of giving you a smooth tan. Use sun protective creams. Take thorough care of the skin all around the body.

Julia Roberts

Dark circles under the eyes! Your children have already grown up but the circles are still there… What to do? Nourishing creams and make up, make up, make up!!!

Hair on the face! The hormone balance changes together with you. The oestrogen level lessens and testosterone increases on the contrary. And as a result hair appears in unusual places for you. If you’ve counted only few of them, just remove them in the way you like or prefer. But if there are lots of them, consult an endocrinologist.

Smile! Beautiful women know how to give a smile. The smile graces any woman! Whiten them and enjoy!

Glasses! Stop thinking that you’ll identify your age if putting the spectacles on! It’s right up to the contrary! Your attempts to see something screw up your eyes shows your age much more obviously! Admit your longsightedness, and become friends with glasses. Perhaps the contact lens can fit you even more.

P.S. Woman looks young when she feels young! Don’t give up for lost. You can still do anything!

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