Undercut Tattoos Are A Perfect Summer Hair Trend

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You don’t have to get inked to wear a tattoo now. There are many different ways to decorate yourself that don’t require such a commitment as a permanent tattoo. Undercut tattoos are one of them. You can wear your hair really short at the nape of your neck and not only keep cool in the summer heat that way but also show off your style.

An undercut tattoo is done through cutting out chunks and stripes in various shapes and designs or you could also have it spot-dyed. The idea is simple though, you get a tattoo-like design made out of your hair and summer is the best time to show it off.

If you want to keep it for the summer though you’ll have to do a few rounds of trimming (that number depends on your hair growth rate). Having an undercut to show off can also make you want to experiment with various hair updos. Girls of the Instagram are doing all kinds of things with their undercut tattoos including covering them with glitter.

Perfect Summer Hair Trend

undercut tattoo

undercut tattoo

undercut tattoo

undercut tattoo

Heart undercut tattoo

Glitter undercut tattoo

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