Tricky Ways to Make your Hair Look Longer

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Tricky Ways to Make your Hair Look Longer

There is nothing looking more feminine than long, healthy and glossy strands. But what a girl should do if her hair is not as long as she’d like to have. Well, the answer is quite simple! Grow hair long or create an illusion of longer hair using the following tricky ways.

3 Steps on the Way to Longer-looking Hair

Choosing a Haircut

The first step on the way to longer-looking hair is the proper haircut. Professionals here recommend to create a sort of blended layers instead of a flat cut. It will make your hair look more flowing and as a result a bit longer than it is. No matter how weird cutting your hair while you try to grow it long may seem, never neglect this point. Regular trimming of your tresses is essential if you’d like to have long and healthy hair.

Tricky Ways to Make your Hair Look Longer

Opting for a Proper Hair Part

Hair part also plays a great role when it comes to illusion of longer tresses. Hairstylists claim it is a central part that gives a slightly narrower effect and make our hair seem longer.

Adding a Bit of Volume

Flattening your hair down may seem the only right way to make your hair look longer, but actually it is a great blunder. Much more effective is to add a bit of volume to your strands. A little lift in the roots will give you a leaner and longer looking hair, though if only your tresses layered properly.

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