Trendy Top Knot To Wear This Summer

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A top knot got a pretty glam twist to it lately and now is the best time to rock it. Though a bit impractical for a really hot weather this hairstyle is so good looking you can easily go straight to ball with it. Of course, you might consider a classic variation if you spend a lot of time outside and don’t want your locks stick to your back in a sweaty mess. But those who enjoy the advantages of AC can really look both glam and effortless.

Half Up Top Knot For Summer

Fresh faced model with half up top knot

Top knot with statement earrings and fresh-faced makeup

Achieving the Look

This is the easy part. The front section of hair is parted as for a half up and twisted into a knot and fixed on the top of the head. To make it look amazing you need to prep the hair first by waving or texturizing it. This way both your knot and the rest of the hair have enough volume to really make it look glamorous. It doesn’t matter how you get that volume really, it’s all about how it looks. Too slick hair might not be as flattering with this hairstyle but then again, you’ll never know until you try.


With half up top knot  you don’t really need much accessorizing especially if you have decent volume. But then again you can add clip in extensions to increase volume or add a pop of color to it. You can also try thin plaits and boho ropes to make the look more relaxed or glam up the beach look.


Any makeup will do with this style. But if you want it to look more glam you gotta choose between lips and eyes. In the summer when sunglasses are a must favoring lips is more fun. But you can also go for a fresh faced look with matching lip stain and blush.

Boho chic hairstyle

Boho half up top knot

Celebs who wore half up top knot:

Margot Robbie top knot

Margot Robbie

Hilary Duff top knot

Hilary Duff

Candice Swanepoel top knot

Candice Swanepoel

Ariana Grande top knot

Ariana Grande

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