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Rainbow hair keeps trending like it’s 90’s again (ahh, if only). Pastels mixed with brights and all the shades in between get attention as well as all the unnatural colors without exception. But dipping your head into a bowl of semi-permanent dye is just too, well, done. Let’s see how you can stylize and color your rainbow hair in an interesting unique manner.

Rainbow Hair Ideas

Rainbow hair

Two Toned Hair

We love the look of perfectly defined two-toned hair, especially in pastel pink and mint and dark blue and turquoise. This look is quite easy to achieve given you have a perfect white blonde base. It’s romantic and sweet and you get to wear your most favorite color combo on your hair. It’s also a great way to vamp up your ombre.

Rainbow hair

Keep It Close

Dying only the front section of hair can be a fun alternative to the dip dyed ends. Put in a few streaks of different colors (you can give hair chalk a go) mixing the colors for a fun new look. The ponytail will look amazing in this style.

Rainbow hair

Colorful Highlights

To get bright and especially pastel hair you’d have to bleach it first. Make sure to do it at the salon or in capable friendly hands to truly get the results you want and keep the hair. The unnatural dyes don’t tend to last long so if you want to maintain the look you’d have to invest into the dyes as long as you want the colors to last. But if you don’t want to bleach your hair you can always try the spray on and chalk colors that will pop well against dark hair. This look is more flexible, as the chalk wears off you can create a new look every time.

There are countless more options for wearing rainbow hair. You don’t have to stick to two colors, choose more if you want to and play with different combinations.

Rainbow hair

Rainbow hair

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