Top 5 easy summer hairstyles 2010

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Hot summer 2010 starts! And you want to change your hairstyle? Top 5 easy summer hairstyles 2010 help you in the choice of your style change with fashionable hairstyles for women. Before changing your look, study our hairstyle tips.

Top 5 easy summer hairstyles 2010


Volume at the crown combined with unbound, face-framing locks give the ponytail a sexy.

It has a modern shape that’s chic but effortless-looking,

says Jessica Biel’s stylist, Adir Abergel.

Summer hairstyles 2010 ponytail

How to get it:

  • Let damp hair air-dry.
  • Backcomb gently at the crown to lift.
  • Pull into a ponytail at ear level or higher and fasten with elastic.
  • Flowing strands around the face.

Soft Curls
It’s featherweight and delicate by touch.

It took no time—we wanted it messy and soft,

says Meester’s stylist Charles Baker Strahan.

Summer hairstyles 2010 soft curls

How to get it:

  • Wash hair and then puff them with a little amount of mousse.
  • Tightly torture small locks with an iron.
  • Comb through to loosen.

Ballerina Bun
It is much easier to make, than seems.

It’s a sophisticated updo that emphasizes the cheekbones,

says stylist Craig Gangi, who created the look.

Summer hairstyles 2010 ballerina bun

How to get it:

  • Apply anti-frizz cream and blow dry straight.
  • Do your hair up in a high ponytail, fasten with elastic.
  • Plait strands around the base of the ponytail, fixing by hairpins.
  • Fluff up the bottom of the bun.

Fishtail Braid

I love the softness of the sweeping hair across the head,

says celebrity hairstylist Adir Abergel.

It’s very elegant because the braid isn’t too tight against head.

Summer hairstyles 2010 braids

How to get it:

  • Pull hair to one side, but don’t fasten.
  • Divide into two identical pieces.
  • Take a small strand from under one of the pieces and wrap it over that strand and under the other.
  • Repeat sides through the length of the tail.
  • Fasten with a band, and then slightly pull out certain strands.

“Beachy” Waves
Disorderly curled waves seem slack and natural.

This look is shake, spray, shake some more and out the door,

says stylist Richard Marin.

Summer hairstyles 2010 beachy waves

How to get it:

  • Partially dry strands with a diffuser, but do not run fingers through your hair, otherwise it will be curly.
  • Curl with a curling iron.
  • Shake head to rumple the waves.
  • Fix with a bit of hairspray

Do you have your own creative ways of making hairstyles? Let’s talk over…

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