Top 4 Hottest Bald Celebs

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Bald look is one that is quiet hard to pull off. In order to look good one has to have an even perfect head shape. Still there are four celebs who have gone bald and stayed beautiful. And we are not talking about half bald here. Take a look at actresses and models who have completely shaved their heads for a role or to stand out.

Top 4 Celebs Gone Bald and Stayed Beautiful

Natalie Portman has gone bald for her role in V for Vendetta and she pulled off the look very well not changing her style at all. She wore elegant dresses and minimum makeup to red carpet and looked cool. However I liked this look with smokey eyes better.

Sigourney Weaver has shaved her head during starring in Alien 3. Sigourney has a perfect head shape so it was easy for her to pull it off.

Top 4 Celebs Gone Bald and Stayed Beautiful

Agyness Deyn is known for her rebellious looks and love for daring and edgy hairstyles. With her unique appearance she can pull off anything.

Top 4 Celebs Gone Bald and Stayed Beautiful

Amber Rose is known not only for her voluptuous curves but also barely-there platinum locks. She has a fair head shape which allows her to look good. She completes her bald look with bold style and makeup.

Top 4 Celebs Gone Bald and Stayed Beautiful

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2 Responses to “Top 4 Hottest Bald Celebs”
  1. archer Says:

    hair or not….wow they are hot…

  2. Go Man Says:

    I think I’m in love with that Amber Rose. What a babe!!! And that Natalie Portman.

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