Top 3 Trendy & Glam Updos For Summer

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As the temperatures soar during summertime we need some hairdos that will stand the weather and also make us look and feel glamorous and trendy. While these updos don’t require much, just bobby pins and some styling mouse perhaps, they look charming, stylish, and simply pretty.

Retro Twist

Top 3 Trendy & Glam Updos For Summer

Retro twist as this (at Christian Dior SS 2012) is a great evening updo. Side-parted hair is pulled back and twisted from the neck. Secure the hair at the both sides and then twist hair up and secure with pins. Make sure the ends are hidden and secured with pins. The low rise updo can be completed with a slanting fringe at the side of the face. Quite simple but very glam with retro flair.

Romantic Twist

Top 3 Trendy & Glam Updos For Summer

A romantic take on twist updo as shown by Dolce & Gabbana is in the front hair that is styled more loosely in slight waves. This can be achieved with a lightweight styling product like mousse. The hair is then secured at the back of the head where the rest of the hair will be pulled in a twist. Great for day and evening wear.

Twists and Braids

Top 3 Trendy & Glam Updos For Summer

This glam and playful updo spotted at Giorgio Armani SS 2012 show is quite easy to do and it looks great. Divide hair into several parts. Start braiding and then twist the rest of the hair to get the small knots and then secure them. The updo looks stylish and just right for the daily wear or a night out.

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