Tips on At-Home Hair Coloring

At-home hair coloring can turn into a real disaster if you don’t know several essential tips on how to do it properly. First of all learn our tips on at-home hair coloring and only after you can start experimenting.

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Tips on At-Home Hair Coloring

Actually there is no need to spend your hard-earned money on professional hair coloring (except surely dramatic hair color transformations) as you can DIY your hair color work at home using our tips on at-home hair coloring as a guide.

Tip #1

If you are going to experiment with your hair color at home, never go more than a couple of shades darker or lighter than your current hair color is. The matter is that it would be absolutely impossible to control the amount of peroxide. That is why never break this golden rule, if you’re going to change your hair color at home. Learn our tips on how to find your perfect hair color>>

Tip #2

It is much better to apply hair dye to unwashed strands if you want to get greater results without detriment to your hair. Natural oils act as natural damper to the product.

Tip #3

If you try hair coloring at home for the first time it is advisable to opt for semi-permanent hair dye formulas. But remember using the semi-permanent hair dye can help you to go darker, but never lighter.

Tip #4

Dyeing long and thick tresses can be quite a hard task, that is why to make your task easier specialists recommend separating your hair in 4-5 parts. Let a portion of hair down, dye it and pin it up while you are working on the other section.

Tip #5

Invest into a professional hair coloring tools (I mean mixing bowl, hair coloring brush and gloves) to get the better results.

Tip #6

If your hair color turns out to be too dark, don’t give up! You can use a simple dishwashing detergent to wash out the pigment. Wash your hair for 2 or 3 times using dishwashing detergent to soften the color.

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