Timeless Hairdos For Curly Hair

We often want what nature gave the other girl, not us. While girls with curly hair desperately seek ways to straighten their hair for good, the girls on the other side are trying to get those springy curls.

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Regardless of hair type all we want is to look chic and beautiful. Here are some timeless hairstyles exclusively for curly hair. While ponytails, buns, and braids are more casual and canĀ  be worn daily there are events and evenings that require a more elegant and timeless look. Here are some of my favorite timeless hairdo ideas for curly hair:

Greek Style

Timeless Hairdos For Curly Hair

Ancient hairstyles look especially romantic with the curly hair. This is an effortless yet sophisticated updo that easily allows hair accessories. Make a ponytail leaving the front section of hair loose and start putting it up fixing with hairpins. The front hair is also fixed with the rest of the ponytail only it is more voluminous. You can add a hair clip or band to this hairdo.

Defined Curls

Timeless Hairdos For Curly Hair

Defined and layered curls look dramatic. It is a great hairstyle for both day and night. Each lock is defined with light stylish product like hair wax or mousse. Each curl should have its defined shape. The end result is voluminous curly hair that can also be accessories with a clip, band or a decorative pin.

Retro Waves

Timeless Hairdos For Curly Hair

Retro waves and curls like the ones sported by Dita Von Teese and such icons as Marilyn Monroe are perfect to wear with an evening gown for a sparkly glam event. The sided curly bob can be short covering the ears or neck long but the curls are big and sleek. Long curly hair can also be styled in this retro fashion.

Tousled Look

Timeless Hairdos For Curly Hair

Tousled waves and curls are becoming the new classic timeless look for both daily life and glam events. Celebs are sporting this look year after year so it doesn’t really go out of fashion. It’s also easy to create with light stylish products. The key to success is to use lightweight products to give hair flexible natural look.

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  1. Aleya Bamdad Says:

    Gorgeous. Some things just get better with time and never go out of style. Loving the retro look.

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