This Is The Most Important Haircut of 2016

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Kristen Stewart, Vanessa Hudgens and now Zendaya are all sporting it and are bringing the grunge and sleek back with style. The almost shoulder length shaggy hairstyle with bangs that made Taylor Swift look sorta edgy this haircut is going to be all over red carpets and owing it in no small to runway styles Spring 2016.

Main Hairstyle of 2016

Kristen Stewart

The girls at Alexander Wang and Rebecca Minkoff shows wore uneven bangs with short and long hair. But the just above shoulder length seems to be more appealing to celebs who probably can’t get enough of the lob style and convenience. You can sort of pull them back or put them up but you still don’t have to deal with long hair styling hurdles. Wash, style, and go.

Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart shoed two options of wearing it. The first is a messy side-part, which she’s been sporting before, and the other one is a sleeked side part to which her smokey eye adds a bit of grunge feel.

Vanessa Hudgens

Speaking of grunge, Vanessa Hudgnes wore a similar hairstyle minus the bangs to the People’s Choice Awards 2016. Besides the dark eye makeup the actress accessorized her look with a metal choker and earrings adding a bit of glam with rose gold lipstick.


Zendaya is the latest celeb to join the shaggy bangs and shoulder cut bandwagon. The messy styling is similar to that of Stewart but you can see the bangs definitely giving it an edgier, messier look.

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