Taming of Stubborn Curly Hair

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Everyone who has straight hair seems pretty evident that curls are the gift of nature. Then why do the curly-haired women complain about the unruly character of the locks and dream to straighten them up?

Taming of Stubborn Curly Hair3

The appearance of hair depends on the form of the hair follicle. People with curly hair, it reminds a coma. The hair grown out of this follicle is curled as well that’s why it has a more porous structure.

Keratin cuticle of hair covering it from the outside distributed unevenly bristles all the time and unprotected against the dust, smog, rain and snow. It’s also the reason why they don’t shine almost. They are dry and split a lot along the hair. But the roots of the curls are inclined to the greasiness.

One more problem of this hair is the much talked-about “dandelion effect”: short walk under the rain or at the damp weather (after a hard styling!) – and you get a mop of hair!

How to tame the unruling hair…

Healthy washing

The main task of the hair shampooing is to cover the porous cells of the hair to keep the moisture inside of it. That’s why the locks are in need of the special hair cosmetics. The more natural components are in the product, the better. You need the cosmetic product that soothe the structure of the curly hair and stabilizers that takes off the dielectric stress providing the obedient locks.

Taming of Stubborn Curly Hair

Orientate both on the hair type when choosing the washing products: dry hair, normal, oily or combined hair; and its structure: soft, coarse, thin or thick one. Trichologist or a master in a salon can help you to distinguish these characteristics.

The shampoo for dry hair requiring softening and moistening should include the extracts of coconut oil, jojoba or licorice, cornflower, white lotus and winterbloom in its content. And fragile, thin and split hair needs strengthening and protection: nettle, sage and vitamins.

Forget about volume shampoos forever! Their aim is to lift up the hair scales causing its fragility disobedience. In our case we need softness and flexibility.
Massage the head skin with almond oil before shampooing. That will activate the blood circulation and improve the nourishing of the hair bulb, smooth out the unruly locks and bring them healthy gloss. Shampoo your hair 1 time per 2-3 days diluting it with water a bit.

Taming of Stubborn Curly Hair2

Soft character

Balsam is the basic nourishing remedy. It patches the hair providing additional nourishing. And the conditioner use will help avoid the ‘dandelion effect’, ease the styling process and grant you the beguiling silkiness. Pick out the products that contain silicon fractions as this component can pacify even African head of hair.

If you want your hair curl less, then brush them just after applying the balm and wash them well under the running water after that. Put the towel onto the shoulders and let your hair dry off not wiping them!

One of the best helpers is a special regenerative cream for curly hair that doesn’t require after-washing. Apply it onto the clean wet hair, spread it along the hair length as if you sleek hair (but very carefully!). You’ll see soon how quickly it makes hair soft and gentle.

Apply hair nourishing masks 1 time a week. The mask gives a shield along the hair.

Hair comb

Competent drying is a half of success. To stir clear off the laurels of Angela Davis, stay away from the hairdryer as often as it’s possible as a hot air overdries the damaged and dry hair.

Taming of Stubborn Curly Hair1

Of course, there are situations when you can’t do it without this helping tool but in this case you should dry only the tips with the assistance of diffuser. But don’t dry the hair roots, on no account.

Now brushing! This should be a very gentle procedure! First of all get rid of all your hairbrushs (metal in particular) and purchase a comb. The best one is that is antistatic covered. Don’t tug your locks and don’t start combing them from the roots down. One wrong move and your comb will be in captivity. Begin from the tips and up gradually.

Giving shape

To style curly hair trendy and accurately at the same time is practically impossible. The simplest way is to put onto the wet locks some mousse or gel and give it time to dry off. You will get a-la “back from the beach” hairdo. Lots of stylists recommend plaiting hair and arranging it around the head. Talking about the “express” hairdos, it’s high time to recall for the ponytail. Curly hair gathered in the bun looks pretty sexy.

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