Summer 2011 Hair Trend: Waterfall French Braid

Easy-to-DIY, yet gorgeous beauty look… Waterfall French braid has become an absolute hair trend for Summer 2011. Learn how to plait your hair to get this elegant half-up half-down hairstyle.

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Summer 2011 Hair Trend: Waterfall French Braid

Working perfect both for straight and wavy hair, waterfall French braid has become a perfect hairstyle for hot summertime. And no wonder as it is very easy to DIY; it looks chic and elegant and can keep your hair off your face (that is so important in hot summer days). Besides, all kinds of braids are absolute hair trends for Summer 2011.

To create this fairytale braided hairstyle you are to follow several easy steps. Make sure you watch the Waterfall French braid tutorial:

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Summer 2011 Hair Trend: Waterfall French Braid

Waterfall BraidTutorials

Update: In summer 2012 waterfall braids are still very much  popular. Romantic, relatively easy and insanely trendy hairstyle that is perfect for early fall when the loose hair don’t make you sweat from heat and you’re still in transition between seasons.

There are quite a few ways of ending a waterfall braid including live flowers for a beautiful bridal look. The hairstyle can also be created with a double waterfall braid or a braid can be replaced with a twist which a similar hairstyle only sans braid.

Summer 2011 Hair Trend: Waterfall French Braid

Summer 2011 Hair Trend: Waterfall French Braid

Waterfall braid tutorial by Sam Villa

Waterfall braid tutorial by HeyKyali with Lisa Nova

Waterfall braid tutorial from Cute Girls Hairstyles for short hair

Waterfall twist tutorial from Cute Girls Hairstyles

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  1. Glamour Says:

    the best

  2. Anna Says:

    Finally a photo of waterfall braids with curly hair.

  3. Mary Says:

    Good topic..thanks so much

  4. Karleigh Says:

    Perfect for Stardust, thanks!

  5. Allyson Says:

    A hairstyle that will benefit even with my curly hair!

  6. Anonymous Says:

    algien sabe donde estan los peinados

  7. Christina Says:

    this is one of the best tutorials I’ve seen – trying this look for my best friend’s wedding.

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