Root Your Eyebrows and Eye Lashes Back!

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The times of plucking the eyebrows pass by gradually. Natural and not plucked eyebrows become more and more popular. But what to do if you used to pluck those all you life and now want to have them back?

Permanent makeup is the procedure that not every woman wants to undergo as the eyebrows look quite unnatural. What about hair transplant surgery?

Eyebrows transplantation

In the past few years, hair transplant surgery has become advanced. Previously, it was almost impossible to copy the natural angle and growth of the eyebrow and lashes.

Now, one follicle can be implanted at a time, and surgeons are able to control the precise angle of the hair, which is very acute in eyebrows. This know-how can now be used to implant hairs into the eye lash line either.

Dr Bessam Farjo, who has been working on hair loss treatments and transplants since 1992, explains the procedure goes: a very thin strip of skin (6-7 cm long, and 4-5mm wide) is taken from the area of the scalp where the hair is softest. The surgeon then removes each hair from the piece of skin with a thin needle. Next, he makes up to 50 tiny incisions with a scalpel where the eyebrow should be, and, using a needle, inserts each hair follicle into the incisions.

The 30-year-old Mary Hornby from Sale in Greater Manchester, underwent an eyebrow transplant done by Dr Farjo. She began plucking her brows at just 14:

“I would over-pluck and be left with pencil-thin eyebrows, which at the time didn’t bother me. As I got older and wanted a fuller shape and I tried to grow them out. But repeated plucking had meant they had stopped growing.”

The operation last for three hours:

“It was completely painless and all done under local anaesthetic,” she says.

Transplantation of eyebrows

The happy patient also added:

“It took about six months for me to start seeing the results, but now I couldn’t be more thrilled. Dr Farjo has done an amazing job, easily surpassing my expectations and leaving me with beautiful, natural, full eyebrows.”

Eyelash transplants are more complicated, because of the delicate nature of the eyelid.

The prices for the procedures vary depending on the treatment required but in general the eyebrow transplantation costs around £3,500, and the eyelashes about £3,000.

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