Rihanna’s Trendsetting Hairstyles 2010

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Rihanna is not only a celebrity, superstar, singer or model, but she is also a trendsetter. Unusual makeup, edgy hairdos and haircuts of hers are all setting trends for fashion industry and beyond. Look at our overview of Rihanna’s hairstyles that she rocked in 2010.

I really like it when Rihanna rocks curls above her shaved sides, while wearing some elegant dress. It looks sexy and edgy, but also chic and quite elegant and versatile.

Rihanna's Trendsetting Hairstyles 2010

Such haircut has many styling options. You can leave your hair be and it will cover your forehead as a regular fringe, except it will show the shaved parts of your head which is also pretty kinky.

Rihanna's Trendsetting Hairstyles 2010

Raise it up and get an evening updo.

Rihanna's Trendsetting Hairstyles 2010

If you got bored with one color make it two-toned and your fringe will look refreshed.

Rihanna's Trendsetting Hairstyles 2010

Dye it red, if you dare. Rihanna is a superstar so she can pull of any bright color. Red definitely suits her.

Rihanna's Trendsetting Hairstyles 2010

Rihanna’s latest hairstyle is cute but still fiery, which adds a bit of edginess to it. Fiery locks and a sparkly hairband, it almost looks romantic.

Rihanna's Trendsetting Hairstyles 2010

Discuss celebrities’ hair you like and the world’s craziest hairdos

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