Quick Fixes for Hair Disasters

If the latest visit to your hairdresser or your at-home hair experiment spilled over into a real hair disaster doesn’t mean you should hide your locks beneath a headscarf or hat, as we know how to help you. Find out how one can fix all the most common hair disasters quick and effortlessly.

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Quick Fixes for Hair Disasters

You’ve decided to change your hair color dramatically or have your hair cut or just trim your fringe a bit but something’s gone wrong and instead of the glam look you’ve got a real hair disaster. Sounds awful, innit (especially on the edge of the forthcoming holiday season with all those never-ceasing parties)? Today we will show you how to fix hair disasters quick and easy. Find out our tips and say goodbye to bad hair days once and for all.

  • Well, if you hair color is blonde, you probably have a first-hand knowledge of the extreme vulnerability of your fair tresses. Excessive exposure to the rays of the sun, chlorinated water or even wrong hair dye option can make your fabulous blonde strands go green. To fix this green hair disaster you will need just to massage a bit of ketchup into your hair, keep it for half an hour and then rinse your hair with lukewarm water. It will restore your amazing blonde hair color.
  • Excessive usage of permanent hair dyes makes your hair dry and coarse. To fix the problem you’d better opt for a semi-permanent hair dye instead and do only a root application when re-coloring your hair. It will keep your tresses looking healthy.
  • Don’t panic if you cut your fringe and make it a bit shorter than usually or cut it unevenly. First of all don’t cut anymore! It will only worsen the situation, it is better to opt for the glamorous beauty fix instead. Brush your bangs to the side and secure it with a bobby pin. Apply a bit of styling cream to keep your hair in place.

Think positive and remember hair grows back!

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    Styling your hair is an art you must posses to look good…

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