Peroxide blonde: how to wear it?

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Dying hair peroxide blonde can be a bold and interesting decision. Marie Clair October 2009 issue offers you a few looks you might want to try with your new hair. They are all different, for various situations and moods.

peroxide blond hairstyle

If your hair is of shoulder-length with a fringe just below your nose see what you can look like with a bit of styling:

1. Straight

peroxide blond hairstyle 1

It’s the easiest way to style your hair. Part your hair the way you like and then sweep the fringe to the side. Keep the rest of the hair straight but add a little bit of volume and texture. This can be a perfect hairstyle for every day.

2. Messy ponytail

peroxide blond hairstyle 2

Your ordinary ponytail is quite a different thing. This one is edgier and more expressive. Do it when you want to look naughty and teasing.

3. Swept away

peroxide blond hairstyle 3

This look is glamorous and seductive, something you want for a date. Just take a deep side part and sweep the hair smoothly across. And don’t forget about makeup that should be dramatic to match the hairstyle.

4. Waved

peroxide blond hairstyle 4

This look is romantic and fresh. Use a styling product to create those strands.

5. Curled

peroxide blond hairstyle 5

For a vamp-look you need to curl your hair. But take into consideration that it should be straighter on top and evenly curled from midway down. Add volume and wear the hairstyle with confidence!

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