Party Hair Inspiration

Looking for a hair inspiration for the forthcoming party season? You are getting warm as has prepared for you a great source of party hair inspiration for the 2011 holiday season.

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Holiday time is the best time of the year to add a little extra glamour to your beauty look. Start your party transformation with your strands, making them look more festive and suitable for the hot party season. Try one of the following ‘dos as your hair inspiration for all the party season long.

Sexy Waves

Party Hair Inspiration

Wavy hair is a perfect beauty option for any party. Try loose curls or more polished look to add personality to your party beauty image. The easiest way to create sexy wavy hair is to take your wet locks, twist them and secure in a spiral bun until your hair is dry. Then let it down and you’ll get loose looked-like-natural waves.


Party Hair Inspiration

A cool braid is a wonderful hair option to add glamour and holiday zest to your party beauty look. Moreover there are lots of braid styles to choose from. Try crown braid that is quite easy to create and therewith it looks really festive. Everything you need is just strands that are long enough to be braided and wrapped around your head and several bobby pins to fix your hair. Another braided party ‘do we love is waterfall French braid.

Voluminous & Messy Bun/Updo

Party Hair Inspiration

As it is widely known what’s old is new again, but we recommend you to modernize this classic updo look by adding a bit of volume to the roots and slight a mess to the bun itself. Sprinkle your hair roots with volumizer and air-dry them letting it fall into a natural part. Then curl the rest of your hair using the large-barrel curling iron and secure in a low top-knot or high and elegant ballerina bun.

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