Nicole Kidman prefers Croydon Facelift

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Women are ready for almost everthing to make themselves look younger.

The bravest go for plasic surgery, some opt for botox injections and there are those who find easier and safer ways. Nicole Kidman seems to be in the last group.

nicole kidman croydon facelift

The actress claims she has never done anything with her face:

I am completely natural.’

She says she looks wonderful because she drinks plenty of water, eats fruit and does yoga.
However, we have noticed her using a special technique that is very effective in erasing all tiny wrinkles from the face – the Croydon Facelift.

You might think I’m exxagerating but I’m not. The infamous hairstyle is so tight that the face skin looks wrinkle-free.

sarah jessica parker croydon facelift

The term Croydon Facelift was created several years ago – around the time ‘chavs’ began to emerge. Nowadays, this hairstyle is popular with some A-list celebrities like Kate Moss, Sarah Jessica Parker, Sienna Miller and Victoria Beckham.

Even Madonna, Kate Winslet and Michelle Obama have also given the style a try. And now Nicole joins the group of Croydon Facelift fans.

Dear ladies, the technique isn’t difficult to use and costs nothing, why not trying it?

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