New Trend Alert: Galaxy Color Hair

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Every week there is a new trend in town. Galaxy color hair is a hot new thing on a rainbow hair block and it looks gorgeous. The guru girls are already rocking nebula-colored hair, so you can make your winter more fun.

Galaxy Color Hair Trend

Galaxy hair trend

Galaxy colors are beautiful and they can fairly easily be done on dark and light hair alike. You can mix two or more of them depending on the amount of drama you want or the nebula or galaxy you want to recreate.

Teal, purple and blue are the most popular colors but galaxies also cosist of yellow, green, and red colors. So don’t be afraid to experiment and mix different colors to create your galaxy hair.

It shouldn’t be difficult for experienced hair DIY-ers to dye their hair like this but if you want a beautiful balayage style coloring where colors blend smoothly into each other go for a salon.

Hailey Mahone, a stylist from Texas, does beautiful nature-inspired hair colors. You can find Northern Lights and a sunset hair coloring among her works on Instagram.


Galaxy hair

Hair color trend

Galaxy hair

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