Never Have Bad Hair Day Again With These 5 Stylish Hairstyles

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There are always those days when you just want to spend a little few moments in bed before heading out to an important meeting or just another one at work. You may not use a lot of makeup but your hair and nails should be tended to. While a good manicure can last for at least a week, hair we should mostly fix every single day. Here are five great stylish updos you can learn and use whenever you don’t have a lot of time to tend to your hair.

5 Stylish Hairstyles To Avoid Bad Hair Day

Side Braid

Cara Delevingne

Cara Delevingne

Tis a great hairstyle that will bring a new fresh twist to your side part. If you have dirty hair just pull it into a ponytail and the result will be as stylish minus the time and effort. The thing about this hairdo is that you can make it before bed and wake to just brush the rest of hair.

Sleek Bun

Nina Agdal

Nina Agdal

A sleek bun is professional and is great for dirty hair. The rule is to make it look even and round and you may even leave a few stubborn stray hairs at your ears be. This one’s also great for an evening outing.

Sleek Roots

Model at Christian Dior Spring 2014 couture show

Christian Dior Spring 2014 couture show

Sleeked roots and loose ends are a trendy combination for the upcoming season. It is also a nice hairstyle to mask greasy hair and get that runway model look regardless if it’s mid or side part.

Half Up With Braid

Half up with braid hairstyle

Half up with braid

A half up upgraded with a braid is a classic hairstyle that offers a few variations like a double braid, a waterfall braid, and fishbone braid.

Textured Ponytail

Textured ponytail

Long textured ponytail

Ponytail is always a savior but it can be just so bland at times. Create waves prior to making one. This will give it more volume and texture. It will take more time to make but you won’t regret it.

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