Myths About Well-Groomed Hair

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Psychologists have ascertained the fact that men do notice a hairdo of the woman when first meet her. No scarlet lips, no heavens length eyelashes can improve your look if your hair is in chaos.

There are lots of amassed myths concerning hair care. And we’ve decided to shatter the myths surrounding the hair care halo.

Hair should be washed every day! Myth or not?

Myth! In the mind of an average man this myth is bind with the awkward thought that hair loss supposedly increases within this regime. That’s not true! No matter how often you gibe your head of hair a treat with washing procedures, normal hair loss ranges from 50-100 pieces a day.

Myths About Well-Groomed Hair1

Lots of cosmetologists are even not afraid to recommend daily care to their clients. All the more, modern shampoos and rinsers are so good that they can hardly harm your hair. But be wise, and hold “the golden mean” and wash hair when it gets dirty.

It’s better to wash hair with boiled water! Myth or not?

Not myth! Having heard this recommendation the clients are about to lose their consciousness envisioning how much of boiling water they need for the procedure. If you marched into the battle for naturally healthy and beautiful hair, you’d better install some special water filters soothing water.

Head self-massage boosts hair growth! Myth or not?

Not myth! But only on condition that the procedures are regular. Slight tingling once per month can not be called a health-improving procedure, it looks more like a salving the conscience: “look, I’m so good, I practice self-massage!” Massage should be taken daily and last for 10-15 minutes. Use olive or castor oils for easier head skin rubbing. And wash your hair in the usual way after the wholesome massage.

Myths About Well-Groomed Hair

Heated scissors haircut – is no more that a season trend! Myth or not?

Myth! This procedure is rather effective for one who suffers the problem of hair split. Long-haired women are preferably for this haircut. Scissors solder the cut of every single hair, thus it keeps all proteins, vitamins and amino acids. You’ll surely see the result after the first haircut. And medicinal effect will be obvious after 2-3 procedures.

There are wholesome hairdryers! Myth or not?

Not myth! Such sorts of hairdryers dry hair with infrared rays instead of the hot or cold air. The effects are the following: your curls dry faster with less electrifying (if there is such a problem), head blood circulation improves that furthers hair growth.

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