Latest Celebrity Hairstyle Transformations in favor of RED

Find out all the celebrities who have lately preferred to turn into red-haired vixens. Here you can find all the latest celebrity hairstyle transformations in favor of vivid red locks.

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Well, what can be more attractive than hot red tresses, especially if to be paired with perfect makeup? I guess nothing. And you know some celebrated divas seem to think the same way as what else could cause their hairstyle transformations in favor of red. Keep reading to check out celebrity blondes who have ventured to go red.

Drew Barrymore

Latest Celebrity Hairstyle Transformations in favor of RED

Drew Barrymore can actually be called the greatest fan of hairstyle transformations, she is undoubtedly afraid of nothing when it concerns changing her look. A couple of weeks ago Drew has amazed everybody with her hew fiery red hairstyle. Honestly speaking I would rejoice at any hair color she could opt for if only to get rid of this terrible ombre hair she used to sport. Drew Barrymore looks fresh and vivid having coupled her loose red tresses with natural makeup.

Blake Lively

Latest Celebrity Hairstyle Transformations in favor of RED

Probably you won’t believe it but Blake Lively also goes red and her latest photo is its best conformation. Just imagine this ‘blonde to the core’ has joined the ranks of celebrity red-headed beauties. Her hair has not that fiery red shade but more a warm rust-colored one. But anyway, dear redheads welcome new members to your red-headed community!

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