Latest Celebrity Hair Transformations

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Celebrities are expected to look good always as well as change their style once in a while. Some do it rarely causing a wave of attention especially if going for a radical change while others try to keep it fresh and be different as often as possible. Recently a bunch of celebs debuted their new hair transformations and we are more than happy to look at how they all turned out.

Celebrity Hair Transformations

Rihanna with grey hair

Rihanna showing off grey hair

Rihanna is known for her love affair with the hair. The star often changes hair color as well as hairstyles so it wasn’t a surprise when the singer showed off her new grey with a hint of blue hair color a few days ago. RiRi whose collaboration collection with MAC hit the stores in June with the first shipment of the red lipstick selling out just three hours after the launch has opted for a matching hue to wear with her new ‘do.

Rita Ora at T in the Park

Rita Ora at T in the Park

Rita Ora brought the dip-dyed ends back with a gorgeous blue hue. The British singer showed off her dip-dyed blonde curls at the T in the Park festival completing her look with a signature red lipstick and turquoise frames.

Emma Stone with red long bob

Emma Stone blonde vs. red long bob

Emma Stone has gone from blonde to red after sporting light locks for about a year. Recently the Amazing Spider Man star also showed off a new haircut which is an effortless long bob that so suits the actress.

Emma Roberts with blonde hair

Emma Roberts debuts longer blonde hair

While Stone was playing with her hair length Emma Roberts went into the opposite direction in terms of color. The actress showed off her new blonde hair via Instagram. The star rocked the blonde hair before so it’s hardly a radical change but her tresses are noticeably longer now so hopefully we’ll see some more updos from miss Roberts.

What do you think about the latest celebrity hair transformations?

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Mona Liz

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  1. rumanjak Says:

    It seems like that celebrities changed their hair style day to day and attract people.Big celebrities care what they show to people so they should to be a beauty and have a shiny beautiful hair.Its tough but they follow it.

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