Kim Kardashian’s Various Hairstyles

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Kim Kardashian's Various Hairstyles

Kim Kardashian is known for her long gorgeous dark locks. But usually we see her with loose wavy locks or straight hair on the red carpet or some other glam events. Here are some of Kim Kardashian’s hairstyles that actually vary according to her mood and activities.

Workout messy bun

Kim Kardashian's Various Hairstyles

Messy bun can look pretty stylish and gym-appropriate and convenient. Kim Kardashian’s messy workout bun looks natural and effortless yet quite convenient for such activities as fitness and sports.


Kim Kardashian's Various Hairstyles

Kim looks quite cool with those braids. Swept to the sides from the face this hairstyle opens up and shows off the face shape and hair growth line. Kim Kardashian’s face shape is right and slightly oval.

Retro waves

Kim Kardashian's Various Hairstyles

Retro waves give you a classy sophisticated look. This is one of those hairstyles to sport to a high fashion party or event as classic never fails. Side part your hair, create some loose or spring waves around your face and sweep the lesser part of the hair behind your ear. Fix with flexible hold hairspray and complete with some chic earrings and makeup.

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