How To Wear Pastel Hair

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Pastel hair is an ongoing trend that seems to hold its position. We’ve seen pastel painted manes on the runway for Spring/Summer 2012 at Thakoon show as well as for Fall/Winter season – Chanel pastel bobs. Fashion magazines have shown numerous ways of sporting pastel hair.  So seems like this trend will be alive for another season to come.

How To Wear Pastel Hair

Pastel Hair Tips:

Choose Color

Choose the color that suits you. Try on pastel wigs or dye a few strands first. See how you look and then if the color suits your skin tones and undertones you can have more strands colored or make dip dye ends. Ombre effect can also look impressive with the pastel hair. Choose one or two colors that work best together and suit you to create ombre effect.

How To Wear Pastel Hair

Care For Hair

Hair dying can be stressful for hair so make sure tocare for your pastel hair to make them look good. Moisturize the hair especially if you had them bleached before getting pastel look. Touch up the roots before they become too noticeable. Protect hair from harsh treatments. Avoid temperatures that are too high and chlorinated and salty water.

How To Wear Pastel Hair

Make up

To complete your beauty look think about the colors that will go well with your pastel hair to use in your makeup. It doesn’t have to be too dramatic, though. You can also coordinate your outfis with the hair. It can become a bright accent in your look.

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    wow it’s sound interesting.maybe i want to cut my hair right now with emo hairstyle

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