How to Wear Hair Accessories

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How to Wear Hair Accessories

Hair accessories are huge trend this season. I mean Spring/Summer 2011 season. Well, let’s be honest it’s the last winter month and it’s almost half passed so we can already call it ‘this season’. Anyway, I can’t even tell you how I love hair accessories. They are cute, gorgeous and can jazz up your look in a minute. There are hundreds of different ways of how to wear hair accessories. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Choosing Right Hair Accessory

How to Wear Hair Accessories

Your hair accessory should match your outfit style or at least fit in and go well along with it. If you want to appear more romantic and young opt for floral lacy or feathery pieces. Cute little hats with nets or jewels will add vintage vibe to your look. Think how your hair accessory will look with other accessories and your makeup.

Preparing Base

How to Wear Hair Accessories

A hair accessory isn’t a magic stick. It won’t save dirty tangled hair so preparing a base for this decoration is important. If you are wearing a headband opt for loose curls and waves. It’s not that you can’t wear it with a ‘do. Just make sure it fits there. You can adorn your hairdos with hair accessories or wear loose sexy waves with a touch of romance in your hair. It’s up to you.

You can also style your hair around your chosen hair decoration. If you don’t know what to do with it ask your hairstylist for help during your next visit.

Corrective Hair Accessories

How to Wear Hair Accessories

Some hair accessories are great at correcting face or head shape. To elongate wide face side sweep hair section and fix it with a pin above your opposite ear. You can also fix your fringe at the crown leaving the rest of the hair straight and sleek.

Choose the headband that brings warm or cool shades in your hair color and wear closer to the forehead to make your haircut and head look better.

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