How To Style Your Growing Haircut

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Growing out hair is the worst. It’s time-consuming, tedious, and overall annoying. Making it look good while your hair is in this uncertain intermediate state is even more challenging. Well, here are a few ways to style a growing haircut that will help you not feel like every day is your bad hair day.

Ways to Style Your Growing Haircut

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Slick Back

If you are growing out your hair right now, then you’re in luck because slick wet look hair is all the rage this fall. Use that to your advantage. Slick hair is the easiest hairstyle but it can also be tricky. To make it look glamorous rather than scruffy tease a bit of hair at the crown to raise it a bit to give you that model look. Also don’t use too much of styling product to make hair look only slightly wet and not greasy and slimy as that may look good only on the runway and in magazines.

Pin Down

Pin it down. Also a trend this fall, pinned down, accessorized hair will keep out of your eyes and look decent. Choose something tasteful and grown up as your everyday hair accessory as you’ll want to look trendy and not childish.

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Cautiously Trim

If you simply can’t stand styling hair all the time go for a cautious trim that will change the shape of your haircut a bit but will also help you maintain your length. This is extremely tricky as you may end up wanting to either cut your hair again or have a hairstylist inadvertently do it for you. A bit of misscommunication can cost you dearly, so be cautious and careful with trim sessions if you really want to grow out your hair this time.

If all else fails you can always go for hair clip ins but you’ll need good quality ones and a bit longer hair for them not to show.

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