How to Straighten Your Hair

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Are you tired of a constant combat against your frizzy hair? Do you want to have straight sleek hair? Then this article is for you.


Before you start the process of making your hair straight you have to purchase a quality flat iron.

If you have very long hair you can opt for the wider paddle flat iron but remember that thinner flat irons will provide you with more flexibility and it will work both on long and short hair styles.

The next thing you should invest in is a protective spray that will smooth and soften your hair while you flat iron. This isn’t mandatory, of course, but it will help greatly.


When you have all necessary items ready for straightening your hair you can start the process.


1. Wash your hair and condition it the way you normally do. Use a deep conditioner or leave your regular one on for a few more minutes than usual as flat ironing hair can dry hair much.

2. Dry your hair thoroughly using a microfiber towel or your regular towel but do it carefully to avoid physical damage of your hair.

3. Apply an instant spray leave-in conditioner.

4. Using a wide tooth comb part and comb your hair carefully.

5. Dry your hair with the help of a hair dryer. Use one of the blow-dryer extensions so you can put the blow-dryer up closer to the hair and brush.

6. Brush you dry hair to ensure there are no knots.

7. Put the top half of your hair up into a bun.

8. Divide the bottom half into small, thin sections. To achieve better results use sections that are 1-2 inches wide and only about 1/2 inch thick.

9. Spray the hair protective spray over the section of hair you work on and comb it through to remove all knots.

10. Hold the section of your hair with one hand and use the other to clamp the flat iron as close to your roots as possible. Hold the hair firmly in the flat iron.

Pull the flat iron over the small section of hair in one fluid movement. If it isn’t completely straight, pull it through again.

12. Don’t move sharply while pulling the flat iron through your hair. It can leave horizontal lines in your hair and you will need to go over the hair a few more times to remove them but this might lead to the damage of your hair.

13. Continue to move around your head straightening small sections all the way around as you go. Then take down the rest of your hair, tie the bottom half, and straighten that portion.

14. When you finish, examine your work in a mirror to make sure you didn’t miss any hairs.

Now when your hair is straight you may style it the way you want. However, avoid spraying water or adding mousse as the water content will cause your hair to curl back up or frizz immediately.

And in conclusion here are some additional tips and warnings for you:

• Don’t be afraid if you see steam coming from the iron or if you hear a sizzling noise coming from it. The plates are very hot and there may be some moisture left from the wash in addition to the sprays. It’s Ok.

• Never straighten your hair when your hair is wet or still damp. It will cause it to frizz and will feel sticky under.

• Don’t use an iron more than two or four times a week. If you do it more often it will lead to damaged hair, no matter how many sprays you use. Opt for wearing your hair naturally or putting it up as alternate hair styles.

• If you don’t want your hair to look lank and greasy avoid using too much hair serum or hair products.

• Don’t leave the straightener on a specific spot of your hair for too long. If the iron is very hot, you may end up frying your hair off, and then you’ll need a long time to grow it back.

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