How to Recognize Damaged Hair

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Watching commercials we often hear that after using this or the other treatment our hair will look sleek, silky and manageable. And we rush to the store and purchase the treatment and then apply it almost daily.

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As a result our hair is sleek, silky but hard to style. Besides, it looks a bit oily. Our hopes are ruined and we think that we’ve become just a next victim of advertising. We don’t believe in treatments any more and complain everybody about the ‘bad’ experience we had. Though the problem is not in the treatment actually. It is in you.

You might wrongly recognize your hair as damaged or you have over-used the treatment and your hair has become over-conditioned.

The most amazing thing for me is that many ladies just don’t know what the damaged hair is like; they are unaware of the signs of damaged hair. This article will give you some clues to understand whether you have a problem of damaged hair or not.

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The most frequently recognized signs are the following:

1. Rough Texture

2. Overly Porous

3. Dry and Brittle to the Touch

4. No Elasticity/Susceptible to Breakage

5. Becomes Spongy and Matted when Wet

6. Color Fades or Absorbs too Rapidly

The most evident signs of damaged hair – rough texture, over-porosity, dryness, and brittleness – are generally caused by damage to and over extension of the cuticle layer of the hair shaft.

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This can be an effect of too frequent blow-drying, wind, harsh shampoos or chemical treatments, as well as other heat-styling methods and environmental influences.

Using conditioners that are pH balanced, rich of protein and moisture you will smooth the cuticle layer and protect the hair shaft from further damage. If you see that your hair is already damaged you should prefer to use a good, moisture-rich conditioning treatment every week until you feel real improvement. But again – don’t overdo, don’t apply the treatment more often than it is needed. Follow the instructions on the bottle of your treatment. For every day styling use a light spray-on and leave-in conditioner.

However, such problems as elasticity loss and susceptibility to breakage are rather difficult to

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You probably know that healthy hair can stretch up to 150% of its normal length, without breaking, and return to its original state. You may not be aware of the problem unless you notice lots of broken ends and much shorter hairs than you had before. You may recognize the problem when looking at your hairbrush.

If you have a lot of hair caught in your hairbrush and need to clean your brush often because of built-up hair in the bristles you should think that something is wrong with your hair. In case you can tell that these hairs are all full-length and coming out at the root you can be reasonably certain that you have a problem with hair breakage. To treat your hair in this possible case we advise you to use a protein rich conditioner, and protein treatment, which will add strength to the hair shaft.

The problems of color absorption and sponginess and matting when your hair is wet are more complicated ones. The best way out here is cutting that damaged hair and start fresh. However, this may not be an option. You will need a long-term treatment that requires lots of patience and possibly lots of money, too.

The best treatment is prevention. And if you take care of your hair properly you will not come across with the problems mentioned above. Eat healthy diet, lead healthy life style and apply good treatments to your hair. The result will be fantastic!

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Mona Liz

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4 Responses to “How to Recognize Damaged Hair”
  1. Lolly Says:

    i’ve got that terrible problem. hope that your tips will help me in any way.

  2. Whitneu Says:

    I have extremely damaged hair aqnd alot of breakage, what can i do to help my hair grow faster?

  3. lollysrox Says:

    whitneu i think you should cut your hair to where there is no damage and have regular trims for every 6 to 8 weeks. it will take some time to get it to your desired length, but the truth is you can’t speed up your hair growth it is already in your genetic DNA how fast your hair is supposed to grow but half an inch per month is the average hair growth rate. you should also follow a healthy diet, take care of your hair, don’t use hot tools frequently (unless you have to but use heat protectant), and do some exercise it will help your hair grow healthier nd way nicer.
    P.S. DAMAGED HAIR DOES NOT GROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Roro Says:

    Well, it is mentioned above that healthy hair can be stretched 150% and then returns to normal… my hair doesnt even stretch 1mm and it breaks right away….. i used to have wavy soft smooth hair.. please help me in getting my original hair back. I really cant manage my hair anymore, it became extremely frizzy to the point that it doesnt get wet easily!!!!!!!!!!! i have been using natural olive oil for over 2 month now and still my hair is just getting worse everyday. HELP

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