How To Pull Off Geometric Eyeliner Trend

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Geometric eyeliner is one of Fall/Winter 2012 season’s trends that is bold and dramatic. Some of the variations we’ve seen from the Fashion Week are quite daring while others are very daring. But with a bit of experimentation one can sport this trend to a fashion party or an informal night out.

How To Pull Off Geometric Eyeliner Trend

Altuzarra Fall/Winter 2012

Tips To Pulling Off Geometric Eyeliner:

  • Flawless execution. For it to look great geometric eyeliner should be executed well. Practice makes perfect.
  • Subtle lips. When it comes to pulling off bright eye it’s better to keep lips subtle or bare.
  • Add color. Black eyeliner can be combined with a bit of color.

Geometric eyeliner is certainly dramatic so it requires a certain look or image. Futuristic motifs in clothes can tie the whole look together but it also should be worn to the proper occasion. For everyday wear geometric eyeliner can also be toned down. The geometric eyeliner can be worn with loose waves as well as sleeked ponytail which will give it more edge.

How To Pull Off Geometric Eyeliner Trend

Mary Katrantzou Fall/Winter 2012

Since geometric eyeliner can have various lines and shapes it can be experimented with to find the lines that will flatter your eye shape. Double lines can be dramatic but they can also be drawn differently. Draw one line as usual close to the lash line and make a second one just above the crease. You can also curve the first line up to the crease creating a second half line which won’t be seen when the eyes are open.

The second line can also be drawn at the lower lid close to the lash line as well as a couple of millimeters away from it for a more dramatic look. There are many options for a geometric eyeliner as it depends on how you want to wear it and what lines and shapes will suit the look.

How To Pull Off Geometric Eyeliner Trend

Giorgio Armani Spring/Summer 2012

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