How To Protect Hair From Heat Damage

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How To Protect Hair From Heat Damage

Summer is drawing near and soon the heat will ensue but till then there is also much heat coming from our everyday styling tools like hairdryers and hair straighteners. So regardless of the season our hair requires daily protection from heat damage.

Tips to Avoid  Hair Heat Damage:

  • Wash hair with warm water. Heat from water can make hair frizzy so washing it with warm rather hot water will give it a shine and make it look sleeker.
  • Let it air dry. Let your hair air dry at every possibility. The heat from hairdryer causes damage, makes hair weaker.
  • Use products that protect against heat. When styling hair with help of high-temperature treatments use special products that protect hair against heat damage.
  • In summer protect against UV. Use UV protection spray during summer to avoid hair damage from sun exposure. To avoid heat damage cover the hair during prolonged periods on the sun.

The regular use of curling and flat irons, hot rollers and other tools may weaken hair so give it rest whenever possible and moisturize it with masks and conditioners. Also make sure to drink enough water as well as eat a healthy and balanced diet to keep hair nourished and shiny.

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