How To Prevent Hair Color From Fading

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How To Prevent Hair Color From Fading

Coloring is a sure way to a new image and look. Hair dyes come in a variety of colors and shades from natural blonde to raven black or acid green. However there are certain problems that hair dye can cause. The first problem is that hair can go dry and dull. Another one is more of an aesthetic problem – color fading. The dyed hair can fade pretty quickly because of water and heat so in order to make hair color last make sure to avoid those as much as possible.

Tips To Prevent Hair Color From Fading:

  • Wash hair less often. Washing hair requires the use of water, heat, and detergents like shampoo, all of which contributes to color fading. Use warm water instead of hot and wash hair with a color-protecting shampoo. In a swimming pool or other water keep hair up and dry.
  • Turn down the heat. The heat contributes to fading so don’t use styling devices like hairdryer very often. The less you use them the longer hair color stays.
  • Protect hair from the sun. Even the natural hair fades in the sun so be sure to protect your dyed hair from regular sun exposure.

How To Prevent Hair Color From Fading

The time before your hair color starts fading also depends on the type of hair dye as well as color. There are temporary and permanent hair dyes. The former ones fade very quickly (after the first wash) and the latter ones don’t fade dramatically. There are also semi-permanent and demi-permanent hair dyes that last longer than temporary ones (around twenty washes).

Hair color fading also depends on what color and shade you dye your hair. The closer it is to your natural hair color the longer it will last. More dramatic colors especially reds will fade faster.

Always do the allergy test before applying the hair dye.

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