How To Match Spectacles and Hair Color

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It’s hard to admit but the bulk majority of spectacles look much better on the shelves of specialty stores rather than on our faces.

How To Choose Spectacles To Match Hair Color

Though they should on the contrary adorn you being a part of the image and accessory that forms the impression about us. Spectacles should match not only your face shape (round face goes well with angular frame, for example), but with your make up and even hair color.

Let’s talk about it!

Blonds should choose light-brown or middle-brown frame colors. You can also try a light-tortoise tint. Light and transparent frames go well with light hair colors. But it doesn’t mean that you should forget about the dark ones completely.

How To Choose Spectacles To Match Hair Color1

Brown-haired and chestnut-colored women can also make great play of hair color with the simple correct use of the eyesight-helping gadgets. Mysterious brown-haired look gorgeous with wine-red and dark-brown frames hues as well as tortoise spectacles of the same tints.

Red-hared ladies are suited most with subdued-brown frames colors. And the abovementioned tortoise ones are in the range of best-fitting spectacles. The only color you should steer clear of is yellow.

How To Choose Spectacles To Match Hair Color3

If you are a brunette, set you eyes on the dark-tortoise decoration colors. Black-haired women are probably free to choose any frame tint they like as their hair color enables to have all of them.

Grey hair can be easily freshened up with the help of red and purple frames switching your image into the bright and colorful one. Keep off tortoise and yellow hues as they darker your look accentuating nothing, I mean they make you unremarkable.

How To Choose Spectacles To Match Hair Color2

Remark! It concerns all-color-haired ladies! Dark tint spectacles frame matches almost everyone!

Spectacles are the accessory that you should have al least in three different colors and shapes: one – for office image, another – for home reading and the other – for special evenings.

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