How to Make Casual Hairdo Into Holiday Look

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Tired of waves and loose locks? Want something that looks elaborate and elegant but doesnt take much time and effort to create? Well, here are a few ideas that will help you turn a casual simple hairstyle into a holiday look.

How to Turn Casual Hair Festive

Low bun

Low Braided Bun

Low bun is the easiest hairdo in the world and all you have to do to make it look a little more complex is braiding your hair loosely before tying it all into a low rise bun. Add an embellished hairpin to the side and you’re done. You can leave a part of the front section out and wave it for added glamour.

Top knot

Top Knot

Most top knots are messy and not even in a stylish deliberate way. But even a top knot can look glamorous enough for holidays. Use a hair brush to pull it together but make it a bit loose to allow some volume at the roots. Leave out the front section for a glamorous wave or a curl and make the knot smooth and even. Keep stray hair in check and voila, top knot is glam again.


Ponytail Bow

A ponytail can also be turned into a beautiful elegant holiday hairstyle with a curling iron and a ribbon. Wave the ends once your pulled hair into a ponytail and tie a bow around it with a ribbon for a festive look. Hair accessories of any kind will do the same with any hair. Just choose something that suits you and fits your holiday look.

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