How To Get Silver Hair Like Ariana Grande

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Silver/ash platinum blonde hair is a huge trend right now and now that Ariana Grande revealed her new silver hair color you can be sure it’s going to become even more popular. But it’s not an easy color to achieve ¬†and requires a responsible approach to avoid bad hair damage.

Silver Hair How-to

Ariana Grande with silver hair

Professionl Bleaching

Before you can put on that beautiful silver toner onto your locks you’ll need to go very light blonde. If you don’t have an extensive bleaching knowledge and experience it’s best to go to a professional. Just be sure to stand your ground if they try to save your poor hair from the amount of beating (bleaching) you’re about to unleash on it (the darker the hair the more bleaching sessions you’re going to need).

Also be patient and space out your bleaching sessions. Don’t try to get there at one seating unless your natural hair color allows it.

Hair Care

Not many may realize it but hair care is an important part of the bleaching process. If you don’t moisturize and nourish it and if you hurry to become Ariana Grande you might end up with your hair being only good enough for cutting.

Coconut/olive oil masks are great for nourishing damaged hair, but you should also forget about a blow dryer and curling iron to reduce further damage to your hair. Consistency is a key to better hair.


At the later stages you can do bleach baths and toning yourself if you wish to cut your beauty salon bill. The former aren’t so difficult to DIY and a toning shampoo works basically like a regular shampoo. You wash your hair till you get all the yellow tint out and get to the shade of grey/silver that you want.


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