How to get curls hold in winter weather

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How to get curls hold in winter weather

My hair usually doesn’t hold curls for long and it’s simply upsetting. Not speaking about winter weather when it’s windy and my lovely curls transform into a mess coated with styling products. So i decided to seek out some practical tips on how to get curls hold in winter weather. Hope it will help those of you who has the same problem.

Remember we talked about cold dry weather in our fall/winter beauty tips post? Because people turn on their heaters indoors while it’s wet and cold outside the air indoors is dry and heat can dehydrate your hair and skin. That is probably the reason why our curls don’t hold. So the first step in getting those springy curls hold is turning down our heaters a bit and moisturize our hair once or twice a week, also use conditioner every time you wash your hair.

If you have naturally curly hair use heavier moisturizers to get your curls all shapely and springy. If they are still not shaped you can fix it with a curling iron. If you have straight hair like mine you still need to moisturize your hair but use the products that don’t weight down your locks. That’s another problem that if your hair is light it can easily be weight down by moisturizing products. Be sure that your moisturizer has a light formula.

How to get curls hold in winter weather

If you use flat iron to create curls put some heat protecting product on your locks to avoid fried ends and protect your hair from heat damage. You can use light gel or mousse, something that thickens your hair but doesn’t weight it down. After your hair has air dried spray your hair with a flexible-hold hairspray and curl your hair with curling iron or curlers.

Remember that more often you wash your hair during cold season the drier it becomes as you wash away all natural oils that also help hold your curls. Thus you can damage your hair very badly too because natural oils help protect them from the environment. Wearing hats in winter weather is another way to get your curls hold longer. Thus the wind doesn’t uncurl and mess your curls.

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