How to cut a fringe by yourself

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In the current recession we all try to minimize the expenditures and consider frequent visits to beauty shops or even hairdresser’s to be too expensive.

Some of procedures you can do at home that will save your time and money as well. For example, it is not much difficult to snip a perfect fringe on your own. All you need to do is to follow the steps below.

Step one

Before you start doing something I want to give you a piece of advice: cut your hair when dry to make sure it will sit at the right length.


The first thing you should do is to part your hair as it would fall naturally, then take a V-shaped section, that is approximately one inch thick, and twist it.

Step two

Hold your scissors at an angle. With the help of the points cut the ends off the twist of your hair.


Try not to take off too much at first as you can repeat the process until you achieve the desired result.

Step three

Now you may release the twist to let the fringe fall. To reveal any uneven or stray hairs lift the fringe from underneath with a comb. Then cut them off with the points of your scissors, as you’ve done before with the whole twist.


If you have done all the steps correctly you will be left with a soft fringe that gently frames the face.

Good luck in saving your money and creating a perfect image on your own!

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21 Responses to “How to cut a fringe by yourself”
  1. Mary R. Says:

    probably i used to cut it differently…

  2. Jean Says:

    i have to say, i just cut mine perfectly! thanks!

  3. alisha Says:

    This is horrendus it cant possibly make it look nice. JUST GET YOUR HAIRDRESSER TO DO IT

  4. lani Says:

    This is awesome thanks so much!!!Perfect!!

  5. Gillianne Says:

    It does work! I have just done it and it’s worked a treat! Thanks!

  6. Selma Says:

    i have curly hair and i need fringe….
    what could i do…

  7. zainab Says:

    very bad i can’t do this sorry cuz i don’t wanna cut like that i wanna cut half fringe

  8. zainab Says:

    but anyway it’s so cool

  9. mystery Says:


  10. candida Says:

    it works!!!!!!!!

  11. Halima Says:

    it really worked, what an awesome hairstyle
    and i am proud that i cut it myself

  12. Lisa Says:

    Thankyou!! I have followed your clear steps and feel a million dollars!! Looks like I have been to a salon – or better as I could cut exactly off what I wanted and no more.

  13. amyy Says:

    Mint!! It Works!!
    Thankuu x x x

  14. echo Says:

    i want a side fringe because im ugly so i want it to cover my face

  15. Stephanie Faith Says:

    Thanks. Am very pleased with the result!

  16. Nomy Says:

    Thank you, very happy with result. Frames my face perfectly

  17. 50ft Says:

    It works really well!! A few words of warning though – know when to stop! I thought this is great and kept chopping. Now I look like the village idiot :-/

  18. scarpe nike shox donna Says:

    WOW, i tried, it worked, thank you very much!!

  19. teaha Says:

    it works!

  20. emma b Says:

    Wanted a fringe but wasn’t sure and didn’t want to pay the ridiculous hairdresser fee! Actually got my bf to follow the steps and its worked brilliantly…..absolutly love it!

  21. kimbee Says:

    There’s a reason they say CUT AT AN ANGLE. This is because one side will end up longer otherwise. You just have to pay attention to which will be the longest (depends ofcourse.. if you twist clockwise or not). I paid no attention to this, thinking I’ll just trim it again later. Little did I know the shortest part was shorter than I wanted. My fault. Great way to do it if you don’t want it dead straight. The sides end up a little longer, which is just what I wanted. Thank you for this info, and giving pics.. and no video =)

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