How to Choose Flattering Hair Part for Your Face Shape

Stylists consider it important for a woman to choose the hair part that flatters their face shape. This article includes information which will be useful for women with round, oval, square and heard-shaped faces.

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how to choose flattering hair part

You would be surprised to know how many women neglect the question of a flattering hair part. They can stick to one certain part for years and believe it is the right one and looks great on them, when it definitely does not. If you don’t want to become one of such ladies just read stylists’ advice on how to choose the hair part that flatters your face shape.

Heart-shaped face. For heart-shaped face a middle part is the best if you have long hair. For short-haired women it will have quite the opposite effect, unfortunately. The side part will be for both long and short hair, as it covers forehead and the cheek area partially, this way making the face look thinner.

Round face. To balance the features of a round face one needs a deep side hair part. Choosing the side is easy with the help of a blank piece of paper. Cover one side of your face with it and look in a mirror. Then cover the other side and look in the mirror again. The side you like best wins.

Square face. For square-faced women a deep side hair part will look the most flattering because it will hide harsh angles and show the best of your face. Start your deep part just above the arch in your eyebrows.

Oval face. Oval-faced people are the luckiest. You can try any hair part you like – middle, side, deep side or even zigzag part. Experiment with your style and find what is best for you. Or just pull off a different hair part every day!

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