How much can Justin Bieber’s Haircut cost?

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Have you already seen that Justin Bieber’s changed his hairstyle a little bit?! To speak frankly I couldn’t even notice the changes right away, but his fans have apparently sighted something wrong with the way Bieber’s hair’s done! Moreover do you know how much does this new Justin Bieber’s haircut cost? And here I mean no material values but something that can’t be bought with money…

How much can Justin Bieber’s Haircut cost?

Justin cut off his signature locks and lost 80 000 Twitter followers! Thus, our dear celebrities, score twice before you cut once, otherwise a new haircut can cost you fans’ love. Moreover Justin Bieber immortalized his famous celebrity body by getting his wax figure at Madame Tussauds (New York, London, and Amsterdam). And hallelujah, the wax figure of Justin Bieber was made with his previous haircut. Congrats, Beliebers, as now you get the possibility to admire his signature locks though fake…

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