Hot Oil Hair Treatment Tips

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At least once you have encounted that phrase in the context of your hair care, but always wondered what is this procedure is designed for? Well, you are on the right track, because here we would discuss the basics of the hot oil hair treatment tips!
Hot Oil Hair Treatment Tips

Hot Oil Hair Treatment Basics

If you are curious, or adventurous enough to try out this new buzz about hot oil hair treatment, here you’ll have some basic tips to know! Hot oil hair treatment seems to be the best way to treat the unhealthy, dry, brittle or otherwise damaged hair. So, this type of hair treatment uses of course heated oil, but the kind of oil depends only on your hair type! Moreover, before starting to experiment with DIY hot oil treatment, you should know that hot oil doesn’t literally mean burning hot, one minute in a microwave is enough. First of all, this is your scalp we are talking about.
Hot Oil Hair Treatment Tips
If you are considiring on what type of oil to use, here are some references:olive oil is the most popular choice, but generally because it is more available; Jojoba oil, another popular choice is a great option since it resembles the hair’s own structure, whereas Coconut oil is widely recognized for its ability to add shine, castor oil is for adding strength to breakage prone hair while avocado oil is great for battling frizziness. So now once you are familar with the oil types, the procedure is really simple! You will have to heat the oil for one minute or less in the microwave, some add other essential oils for other effects, and then massage the oil into the scalp. Before you do so, make sure that the oil is not too hot! Then cover your head with a plastic cap and after some time you will have to wash your hear as usual.
Hot Oil Hair Treatment Tips
Generally this procedure can be done up to one week, or once in a month, however it mostly depends on your hair type. Another thing to consider, is that the major drawback of the treatment is that it is only temporary! This means that the relief comes for days, however some report a general emprovement as they use this technique each week!

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  2. Monique Says:

    thank you for the info, my favorite hair oil is argan oil, it’s very good, I use the one from pro naturals which has helped me a lot to restore my hair :D

  3. Hair Care Solution Says:

    Ok I totally agrre with your post but how can I grow up my hair long?

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