Homemade Tips for Shining Hair

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The program of self perfection should be started as soon as possibly! And the first thing we’ll start with – hair! You know that woman’s beauty consists of 50% of her hair condition. You can put on the most fabulous gown, splendid make-up and manicure, but all your efforts will be in vein if your hair is dull and lifeless.

Homemade Tips for Shining Hair

Your luxuriant curls will have stunning look if you care about them right now.

Probably I might have said it already but let me repeat it one more time – revise your menu. Your ration should include protein-rich-food: low fat meat, chicken, fish, cheese, mushrooms. Eat more B-vitaminized products: cereals, beans, vegetables, bran, liver, eggs, dairy products, kidneys, nuts. Take H-biotin vitamin that is in charge of the horn layer of hair.

Practice some head massage every day. That will improve the head blood circulation – the nutrition of the hair bulb and hair roots, respectively.

You can rinse hair after shampooing with hair masks:

1. Apple vinegar weak solution. Dilute vinegar with water in the proportion that you could slightly taste vinegar. Rinse your hair.

2. Beer. It can seem pretty strange but beer is very effective for hair nutrition. Mix light beer with 1 teaspoon honey or olive oil and rinse hair after wash. It’ll make your hair shine.

3. Put 1 tbsp lemon juice into 2 pt boiled water. Lemon is particularly good.

4. No carbonated water.

5. Camomile decoction has a lightening effect and gives some sun glare to hair. It’s appropriate only to the light hair.

6. Tea brew or nettle/ hop decoction – if you’re dark haired.

7. Onion peel can enrich red hair with luster.

8. Rinse your hair with milk and then with cool water. That’ll provide you with silky hair.

9. Apple decoction. Peel 4-5 apples, bring them to boil with 2 pt water, cool and filter. Now rinse hair.

10. Parsley decoction. Take 1 parsley bunch and pour it with 1 pt water. Boil it for 15 minutes, then cool out and filter.

Homemade Tips for Shining Hair

The following hair masks will help you bring glitter as well.

1. Rub several almond oil drops into the hair. Massage thoroughly and leave it there for 30 minutes.

2. Beat up 2 egg yolks, add 1 tbsp honey and 1 tbsp cognac and then put this mixture onto hair for 20-30 minutes. Rinse with warm water. This mask fits all hair types.

3. Rub aloe juice into your hair roots. It’ll improve hair growth.

4. Mix 1 teaspoon castor oil, 1 tbsp honey and 1 teaspoon aloe. Apply it on hair for 30 min, carefully bur it into the hair roots.

Feel free to use the ready shampoos, conditioners, balsams, masks you buy.
Your hair will look fabulous with any hairdo if it’s glittering that means healthy!

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  1. Ezechiel Says:

    thank you for the ideas i will try them and let you know how it is going!

  2. Anam Says:

    Thnko for d lovely tips…..

  3. shweta jain Says:

    my hairs are dull eith no shine have split ends as well

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