How To Hide Your Rainbow Hair

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So, you might be thinking, what? Why would anyone take on rainbow hair trend and try to hide it? Well, there are still workplaces and other institutions where dress code and appearance is standardized making rocking head full of colorful hair impossible. Or at least almost impossible. Enter the latest rainbow hair trend – hidden rainbow roots and strands.

Hide Your Rainbow Hair Trend

These ingenious ways to have your bright colored unnatural hair are for those who have to look presentable at their job. There are quite a few ways to hide your colorful strands. You can have your deep roots dyed or color the layers beneath your outer layers of hair.

You can also go for a rainbow undercut while keeping the rest of your hair normal and show it off with a ponytail or a bun when you are out of work.

This allows you to experiment with color combinations and be creative with your hairstyles when you want to show off your rainbow hair.

Rainbow hair roots

@phildoeshair Instagram

Rainbow hair

@phildoeshair Instagram

Rainbow hair braid

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