Heidi Klum’s Best Hairstyles

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Heidi Klum's Best Hairstyles

Heidi Klum is one of my favorite models. She is gorgeous and her blonde locks always look stunning. She’s sported them short, long, sleek, waved and straight. Heidi also likes various updos which are both youthful, stylish and chic. The secret behind this natural-looking hair color is simple. Her roots are darker than the length and the apricot highlights don’t allow the color become dull and grayish.

Short Hair/Long Bob

Heidi Klum's Best Hairstyles

Heidi Klum has sported this long bob side-parted, waved, straight and layered. She has also sported updos such as chignon with couple of strands at the front, formal ponytail, as well as various formal ‘dos. As for makeup Heidi prefers to accentuate the inner corners of her eyes with silver shimmer keeping the outer corners dark which makes her eyes appear bigger.


Heidi Klum's Best Hairstyles

This bob hairstyle is a variation of the previous long bob only with bangs. Heidi looks more mature with this one which is surprising since the fringe and strands around her face usually make women appear more youthful.

Long Straight Locks

Heidi Klum's Best Hairstyles

I like Heidi’s long locks. She looks young and edgy with her blonde streaks of different shades. This hairstyle can be sported with both mini dress and suit it will look great with both.

Stylish Updo

Heidi Klum's Best Hairstyles

I really like this updo and I think it suits Heidi best of all. It’s chic but also very stylish and has some edge to it even. Make a more wavy interpretation and voila you are red-carpet-ready. It’s all about creating volume at the crown and fixing all this beauty at the back into a mid-rise bun.

Heidi Klum's Best Hairstyles

Red Carpet Chic

Heidi Klum's Best Hairstyles

This hairstyle is chic and mature. It’s sleek at the front and voluminous at the back. The puffy chignon is not the easiest ‘do to perform but it’s quite possible especially if you have a professional hairstylist. This puffy ‘do looks fantastic and interesting due to the strand that wraps the puffy bun.

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