Healing Clays: White Clay for skin

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White clay is just the case of “long time forgotten” treatment. Our forefathers had used this material predominantly in medicine. From the very ancient times there have been well known white clay characteristics: scrubbing, tonning and healing.

Healing Clays: White Clay

It had been used both inside and externally like lotions, packs, compresses, powder, medicate baths and so on. White clay was used as a medicine in treatment for vein varicose, mastopathy, arthritis, polyartritis of rheumatic characters, osteochondrosis and etc.

White clay – Kaolin

Kaolin is able to absorb the waste products of organism cells. It takes up the poisons, toxins, gases and even the radiation from the gastrointestinal tract until all of it soaked in to the blood.

That’s why the white clay is currently being used when intoxications. Kaolin manages with morbific bacteria not a penny the worse than antibiotics. But contrary to them, white clay is chemically inert; thereby it’s a totally innocuous medicine for the body. While the artificial antiseptics kill not only all the morbific bacteria but the healthy cells as well, kaolin eliminates only harmful microbes and toxins renewing the cells and strengthening the immune system.

White Clay and Cream

Healthy teeth and hair – white clay

Nowadays kaolin has got the second birth. Lots of cosmetic companies have started using its rejuvenating quality in scrubbing, masks, shampoos and in toothpastes too. For example, shampoos containing kaolin perfectly cope with seborrhea oleosa and dandruff.

Today kaolin substitute chalk in modern toothpastes. Previously chalk was mixed with superficially active substances (to achieve the required consistency) that were familiar to the same in laundry detergents ruining significantly the mouth cavity micro flora.

Quite the contrary is kaolin. It doesn’t need any sort of such assistants. It removes the dental calculus, strengthens the enamel, and bleaches even the inveterate smokers’ teeth reducing the caries threat. Kaolin is the basic secret of all the bleaching chewing gums.

White Mask

Face masks and anticellulite scrubs can’t go without kaolin either. White clay absorbs the chemical waste, toxins, died off epidermis cells, excessive fat enriching the skin with the mineral content. The upper layers’ vessels of cutaneous covering become very flexible as far as the white clay contributes to collagen formation that imparts the tissues flexibility.

Kaolin is also applied before the course of medical mud, algal and paraffin pack treatment. It has replaced the glycolic acid that is highly allergic.

White clay’s masks are extremely effective as they clean the skin improving the oxygen inflow. It does perfectly with oily and problem skins.

Recipes of facial masks including white clay to be followed…

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