Healing Clays: Blue Clay

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The most valuable clay is Cambrian clay. It had been bought for gold foretime. Absolutely everyone can be treated by the clay independently on the diagnosis as it is a natural high-performance curative measure that brings the metabolic processes to normal, and boosts other treatments effects – herbal therapy, homeopathy, medicamentous, surgical therapies and so on.

Blue clay is an excellent healer available for every woman or any member of her family.

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Nowadays blue clay is successfully used for the cure of various diseases, including cancer. It is proved that blue clay is a strong antitumoral matter that extends to both benign and malignant formations. It can be attributed to the fact that blue clay contains a very rare radioactive element – radium.

The blue clay treatment provides organism with radium in its pure form, natural condition and necessary doses. Except radium, blue clay has all mineral salts and microelements you need essentially: silica, phosphate, iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium, etc.

Healing Clays Blue Clay1

Blue clay is widely used in hospitals of Germany and Sweden for T.B. treatment.

The curative spectrum of blue clay is much wider in folk medicine: cancer, leukaemia, adenoids, polypi, goiter, lymph nodes inflammation, anemia, headache, atherosclerosis, paralyses, nerve disorders, epilepsy, brain disturbances, otitis, eye inflammations, women’s diseases (mastitis, mastopathy, prolapsus of the uterus, fibromyoma, polypi, cysts, irregular periods, vaginitis, different discharges), men’s impotence and testicles induration, diabetes, digestion disorders (gastritis, constipation, intestinal colic, enterocolitis, prolapsus of the rectum, piles), inflammation of the liver, jaundice, nephritis, urinary bladder diseases, heart disorders, bronchitis, pneumonia, pleurisy, T.B., cough, blood spitting, rhinitis, antritis, nose bleedings, sore throat, skin diseases (eczema, psoriasis, erysipelas, warts), alopecia, rachitis, arthritis, arthrosis, rheumatics, spurs, injuries, varicose veins, bones and joints diseases, ulcers and so on.

From the ancient times people knew that blue clay doesn’t contain any bacteria. It absorbs all liquids and gaseous toxins, smells, gases, kills the morbific microbes.

The blue clay liminates the musty smell of oil and other foodstuffs. Carrot, beet, summer radish and potato don’t rot during winter, if they are placed into a jar with blue clay for a few minutes.

  • It boosts hair growth and removes dandruff if hair is rinsed with clay water.
  • Gums stop bleeding when a paste of clay and water is rubbed into them. You can also whiten teeth with the same mixture.
  • Washing eyes with settled blue clay water cures the inflammation of eyelids and eyeballs (conjunctivitis).
  • Blue clay is actively applied in cosmetology: facial masks, body masks, scrubs, lotions… It smoothes out wrinkles, treats acne and pimples, removes freckles.

As you can see, clay treatment is very effective and an easy way toward health and beauty for the whole family.

Later we’ll talk about how to apply the super clay masks recipes!

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15 Responses to “Healing Clays: Blue Clay”
  1. irina Says:

    i need to buy blue i can do this?

  2. Mary Rise Says:

    Dear Irina, thank you for the question. You can probably get it from any drugstore.
    Mary Rise

  3. matt yoder Says:

    this is the craziest thing i have ever seen i never thought in a million years that this clay would do what ur website says and i can only hope that this message makes it to someone anyone for that matter by the way this is the first time i have found this site. anyway i am a construction worker and we are doing DOT work in fl. when digging a retention pond we dug about twenty feet deep and started noticing spring heads coming up straight from the ground beautiful crystal clear natural spring water after a period of time we noticed different color rocks beautiful green, blue, red, and other colors when i picked one up it wasn’t a rock at all it was simply a stupid piece of clay, thinking nothing of it i threw it back down. well interested more than me my buddy went home that night and looked it up on the net. the next day told me that this stuff is supposed to have crazy healing powers, “whatever brother” i says i could have never been so wrong in my life. i researched and researched and could never find anything that said this was the right clay not in fl. so i started testing it myself cause i was tired of looking i guess u could say i found enough evidence to test it on myself but no proof. anyway the results were incredible first i started with a face mask it felt like my face was being pulled off my head u could feel the magic working. it didn’t stop there i started telling people about it mean while digging up every bit i could find putting it in a bag and sealing it up cause i read that it absorbs toxins so i didn’t want to in purify it. every one was making fun of me little did they know heres where it really gets good. i started using it on everything just to see what it would do. athletes foot is a problem i have been dealing with for at least 8 years i have tried just about everything it never worked 7 0r 8 days in a row i would put this stuff on my feet during lunch change my socks putting more meds on my feet never cured it more than a couple of days. i thought i wonder what would happen if i put this clay on it, it worked great on my face so why not. almost immediately it started working no more itching no more burning this sh#@ is the bomb the next day completely gone, unbelievable. if u don’t believe me me i will send u some myself. i know what ur thinking if it sounds to good to be true it usually is, well it gets way better this crap has to be a miracle not to mention i finally got some other people to try it one older lady with some kind of skin disease maybe rosatia or something i don’t know how to spell it but she couldn’t touch her face without it burning and hurting she used it once and the next day was begging for more of course i gave it to her i was so happy i could help. anyway back to my best experience yet, four days ago monday june 14, 2010 i was heating up some crab legs and shrimp in a big pot in the oven thirty min on 450 degrees with two pot holders took it out set it on the counter put the pot holder from my left hand on the counter and like a complete [email protected]#$%^ng idiot picked it back up to set it on the pot holder so it wasn’t directly on the counter well yea i burnt the ef out of my left fingers three fingers and one thumb painful as hell i went straight to the sink ran it under cold water for a few minutes, the pain just kept getting worse my girlfriend says why don’t u put some of ur magic clay on it, she was being sarcastic. little did she know i did 2 or 3 min’s later no more burning so i left it on there for about 30 min or so i thought damn it doesnt burn or anything anymore so i went to go wash it off no no no bad idea couple min later started burning again painful as hell so i caked some of this blue clay on my burnt fingers. u could clearly see the areas that were going to blister up and just be painful as hell, and in the way for the next 2 weeks, u know what im talking about these were bad burns. so i put some clay on there and left it over night when i woke up washed it off theres was no pain no burn no blister i had two visisble white spots on my first two fingers but not painful. and over the next two days waited for the skin to die or the blisters to come but they never did, it got better the skin healed itself and completely went away within three days, this is the miracle drug don’t let the pharmaceuticals know i got it, cause there aint no money in the [email protected]#$% cure, is there u mother F#%$^$s, greedy money hungry government controlling mother effers, sorry i got a little carried away, but i have read a book about them and it makes complete sense what there doing. it pisses me off because i lost a cousin to cancer a couple years ago, that was my age “30” who shouldn’t have died because someone doesn’t want the cure to get out. there is a cure, they know it, but there ain’t no money in it, im not saying this blue clay that i have is the cure, but i’ll bet money that it would work better than keemo therapy. and ill bet there is a plant that does cure it and these powerful sons of b%#^*& will go to great lengths to keep it surpressed. one day, judgement day, they will pay. anyway i hope this story reaches as many people as possible and helps everyone as it does me i was lucky enough to find it in its purest form i have bags of it i know where to get it i am very lucky. sincerely, Matt yoder [email protected]

  4. Vadim Says:

    My name is Vadim. I from Ukraine…I have high quility blue clay from Crimea

  5. bluestone Says:

    i have been handling blue clay for a year now and just handling it seems to be helping me with some medical problems, truly amasing stuf.

  6. Rachel Says:

    .I would
    like to buy a blue clay if it possible from a pure land
    source. Not from radiated area.
    Write to me please if you have this stuff.
    regards Rachel

  7. bluestone Says:

    hi rachel
    my clay is from the side of a mountain, very pure.

  8. Maria Says:

    Hi! I can’t find the blue healing clay anywhere! Does anyone know where I may purchase it from?

    Thank you!

  9. bluestone Says:

    king solomons lost clay/gold mine.
    this clay is amazing.

  10. Alyona Says:

    hi guys! i wanna buy blue clay too. How can i buy it?

  11. Sergey Says:

    Recently I learned how to buy the blue clay
    and since can now share it to you.

  12. bluestone Says:

    very interesting , i have done some tests on my blue and my green clay. the blue has a tiny amount of elevated radium levels, not toxic.
    buy the green clay, which we stopped mining, has very toxic levels of radium and thorium.

  13. amani Says:

    I want to buy pure blue clay.. cant find it anywhere.. can anyone help?

  14. Linda Says:

    More than 3 persons on here, have posted that they have “found” a source for blue clay, but still are NOT really sharing.

  15. Anna Says:

    How can you know if they clay is healthy or toxic?

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