Hairstyles For Girls Who Wear Glasses

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There is plenty of makeup tips for girls who wear glasses, but what about hair? It might be easy as long as both your hairstyle and your glasses suit you but they can get a bit boring over time. Top knots and lose hair with oversized glasses aren’t anything new anymore. And if you don’t want the geek chick look here are the three hairstyles to try instead.

3 Hairstyles For Girls in Glasses

Retro Waves

retro waves and glasses

If you think you need contacts to rock the smooth retro waves you are wrong. You just need the right glasses. Vintage style frames will go greatly with them but if you don’t want to change your glasses there are more options out there like the extreme side part.

Extreme Side Part

side part and cateye glasses

With the extreme side part being so trendy every fall we thought it’dbe a great idea to combine it with the bespectacled look. Just avoid the hipster frames with this one if you don’t want to look like Skrillex.

Long Pixie Haircut

Long pixie cut and glasses

A long pixie haircut can be both cute and sexy. You can style it in many ways. You can add more edge with a shorter pixie or a sharper fringe. It looks great with cateye glasses.

Hair and spectacles can change your look dramatically. Some hairstyle and frame combinations are true and tested and are recognizable as belonging to a certain subculture or style like cateye glasses and hair rolls. Some of the combinations are truly unexpected and can really make you stand out among your bespectacled colleagues.

Oh, and if you still insist on wearing loose hair here’s another way to do it.

cool hair and glasses

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