Hairstyle Tips from Michelle Obama’s Stylist

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The First Lady of the USA has been under the precious attention of the cameras the year round. Her style was criticized and enraptured. But no matter if you like it or not, there are some very helpful tips that that you can take into consideration.

The exclusive hairstylist and artistic style director for SoftSheen-Carson of Michelle Obama, Johnny Wright shared his professional knowledge with the public.

Hairstyles of Michelle Obama4

He considers hair as the accessory saying:

“The hair is just like any other accessory,” he told us. “You’ve really got to make it go with what you’re wearing.”

Curly cut?

“Some styles are made for hair only when it’s blown-out straight. You want a cut that’s made for both curly and straight looks,” he says. “If you’re concerned with how your hair will look wavy, ask your stylist to cut it when it’s curly, and then blow it out and fine tune when it’s straight.”

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The illustrious hairstylist gives the tips on what hair tools are better:

“When it comes to textured hair, a ceramic round brush is key for keeping strands healthy and shiny, no matter how much you style it,” says Wright. For finer hair, Wright likes a rubber-based Denman Brush. “It grips the hair a little and smooths the cuticle out,” he says.

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The ‘up-tuck’ matches all shapes of faces.

“I’m a big fan of what I call the up-tuck,” says Wright. “It works very well with face-framing layers, which most people have. You pin-up all the hair in the back, and then let the front fall naturally. It’s like you’ve gotten a haircut. You kind of fake them out a little bit, and it’s a great way to add versatility to your look.”

Hairstyles of Michelle Obama

Gloss from the roots:

“People always think glossy hair is topical, but true luminous shine is achieved at the root,” says Wright. “You should be deep conditioning to soften and nourish the hair shaft every time you shampoo. There is no such thing as too much deep conditioning.” And his favorite pick – SoftSheen-Carson Roots of Nature Reconstructing Deep Treatment, which strengthens hair with a blend of shea butter and green tea.

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Give your hair a day-off:

“Even women with the healthiest hair need to minimize how often they style,” says Wright. “If your hair is heavily styled and loaded with product four times a week, keep it down on the fifth day.” Everything needs to time to relax and restore.

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What about ponytail?

“I’ve always been a huge fan. It highlights the beauty of a woman’s face,” he says. “A ponytail can honestly be taken from day to night if it’s done properly. For the cocktail party, simply wrap a strand around the elastic and you’ve got an elegant look.” Or, dress up the entire style by parting your hair on the side before gathering it at the base of your neck.

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Hair protection:

“Be sure you’re using protective guards on your hair. Thermal protecting sprays create a barrier on the hair shaft, and keep the heat from penetrating into that inner core, which is what causes permanent damage.”

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What elastics are in his kit?

“I carry a range of Goody colored elastics in my kit,” he says. “I always make sure that the band matches the hair color of the person I’m working with. It’s an easy way to make a style look elegant.” The stylist also prefers matching hair pins as well.

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Natural updos:

“I like updos that look very simple and natural,” says Wright. “People try to make their hair a little too perfect with updos, and that’s where it goes wrong.” Wright likes a low, gathered chignon where the face-framing pieces are left out. “Then I’ll twist and pin the front strands around that ponytail. In the back, it looks loose and free, like every hair is where it wants to be. Honestly, the messier the better.”

I think we should at least consider the opinion of the US First Lady hairstylist.

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