Hair Waves with Hair Rollers

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Retro hair style is one of the most feminine and romantic ones. Seductive waves, soft locks or playful curls back us to the epoch of gorgeous movie divas of the past and make us remember the grace and refinement the simple change of sooth hairdo can bring.

Eva Longoria and Carmen Electra with Hair Rollers

Someone has curls by nature; another has straight and unruly hair. Is it possible to arrange the refractory hair into elegant locks? Yes, it is. Hair rollers are the helpers.

Waving is not a novelty in hair styling art. If to believe to the historians, ancient Greeks had been the first who waved hair using bronze sticks. Almost the same way had been used by the Romans who strived for looking like Greeks.

Hair Waves with Hair Rollers3

French king Louis XVI had started supporting hair styling sphere. It was he who brought the curly wigs into vogue. And the name of the illustrious hairdresser Marcel Gatlyu is honored like a national symbol by the French.

Everyone has always resorted to various tricks to get the locks. But the progress goes ahead and you don’t need to be a professional to turn the straight hair angel image into the provocative imp one as the hair rollers assortment is huge nowadays.

Hair Waves with Hair Rollers1

What rules you need to know about hair styling?

First of all decide on the time you want to curl hair: in the morning – in a hurry before the job hours, at day time – before a party, or in the evening – to avoid morning preparation rush.

If you are comfortable to wave hair for the night time, thenopt forthe following rollers kinds:

  • “Boomerangs”. The rollers look like sponge tubes with wire rod. Due to the bar they don’t have any other fastenings. Hair is curled onto it and then the roller is bent. The rollers are soft enough that allow comfortable sleep but they are short-lived as the wire breaks pretty soon.
  • Plastic hair rollers. Classical rollers are of different size and have dowels and lid to fixate hair. It’s inconvenient to sleep with them on. Untangle hair carefully.

Hair Waves with Hair Rollers

If you want to have special-evening-hairdo use the above mentioned rollers and moreover, wooden bobbins and curlpapers.

  • Wooden bobbins help to create small tight curls. They have easy-to-use sections and rubber band to fasten. Hair reacts to the wood in a good way and dries quickly.
  • Plastic bobbins. Using them you can do small curls or create an effect of perm.
  • Curlpapers. Modern curlpapers are thin rods with a wipe inside. They don’t need any other fixating elements as they can be twirled in various ways. Give scope to your imagination and creativity and curl your hair the way you want.

In case you prefer the morning waving:

  • Rollers with velours cover are fastened by the plastic sticks going through the roller hole. They help to do the gorgeous lock without harming hair.
  • Velcro Hair Rollers. Velcro rollers vary in size, stick to the hair without pins and are fairly gentle to hair if used correctly. They create voluminous hairdos. This kind of rollers is preferable for short hair.

Hair Waves with Hair Rollers2

  • Foam rubber hair rollers. Soft and handy rollers are so good to be used in the morning to achieve voluminous waves. Short and thin hair is held badly and can spill out.
  • Heated hair curlers. They are put into boiling water and left there for 10 minutes. After that hair is curled onto them. 15-20 min are enough for a complete hairdo. Lock keep the form pretty long period of time, however they are harmless for hair (not the same as perm does).
  • Heated hair curlers with electrical warming. This sort of hair rollers is probably alike the previous ones. The difference is in the way of heating them and price (they are more expensive but less harmful).

Hair waving is a time-and-efforts-taking process but it’s worth it! Agree?

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