Hair Trends Spring 2010. Part III.

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Now we are to have the final observation of the Hair Trends Spring 2010 and after that you may decide what trend caught your heart most. The world-known designers show off their collections which distinguish what people are to wear the next season. I feel excited about ooking through the catwalks of the fashion gurus.

Burberry hair trends Spring 2010

During the London Fashion week Burberry showed much for clothes and little for hair style. Maybe the simplicity of the loose straight hair parted in the middle gives space for the makeup and outfits creativity?

Christian Dior’s hair trend is so Dior-feminine! Refined waves and locks always give zest to women’ appearance turning her into the glam lady.

Christian Dior

Christopher Kane sees the image of the modern woman of the upcoming Spring as a-bit-punchy!

Christopher Kane hair trends Spring 2010

Dolce & Gabbana – accurate and not combed back hair beautified with sparkling hairpins look stylish. It proves that the last year trend for the upsweeps is still in vogue.

Dolce & Gabbana hair trends Spring 2010

Donna Karan promotes bob!


Fendi’s hair trend looks strange and homey. The upsweep is with long fringe or hair tips arranged at the top of the head and hanging down.


At the New York Fashion Week, Phillip Lim amazed everyone with the red lights which backgrounded the model’s catwalk.

Phillip Lim hair trends Spring 2010

The collection was rich and the offered hair style was quite restrained but stylish anyway!

Phillip Lim Spring 2010 hair trends

Two tails on both sides of the head and long fringe arranged into on of the tail look girly. That is what Prada thinks about the trend.


Donatella Versace showed a lot of loose wavy hair and a bit of short but wavy as well at Milan Fashion Week.

Versace hair trends Spring 2010

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